Basics on creating a BAQ (New to ERP)

Hello to all,

I am new to the Epicor ERP 10 software and wondering if someone could give me a rundown on how to create basic reports and export them to a nice looking PDF file or Excel. Thanks in advance! Mostly looking to create BAQ’s that will monitor job waste.

Ice Tools User Guide has quite a bit of a nice run down on how BAQ’s Work and how to write them
Chapter 1 is your friend.

If you have access to epicweb, download the following docs.

It has a few examples that you should be able to follow along.

Also helpful to have:

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His profile says he’s on 10.2.400, which is what my link was for.

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Thanks guys going to have a read now!

Make sure you read as much as you can. Then when ready, start testing your new-found skills in your Pilot database. In my experience, the easiest way to get a printable report is this:

  1. Create a BAQ to return the data you want in the report.
  2. Create a BAQ Report to display the information from your BAQ.
  3. Download the report rdl file you just created, and edit the layout and design to suit your needs.
  4. Upload the report rdl file, and test the BAQ report form to get your printable report.
  5. Once you are confident in your skills, use the menu maintenance to add a BAQ report menu item so that anyone can run your new report from the menu.
    Good Luck!
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I just realized BAQ’s were one of the less confusing parts of Epicor for me for the most part… Somehow I find BAQ’s and Customizations more intuitive than BPMs

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