BE AWARE: Min\Max\Safety Mass Update Calculation & Lead Times

Per 10.2.700:
Background: At some point Epicor corrected the Lead Time that is displayed in Time Phase so that it is either the Purchasing or Manufacturing Lead Time depending on the Plant Source Type, which is a great improvement since before it was fix this value was always the Purchasing Lead Time which really confused a lot of users.
Also, back in 10.1 Epicor released the very nice Min\Max\Safety Mass Update program which can be very helpful in calculating decent Min’s, Max’s & Safety’s, however one of my clients were recently asking about how the value is calculated and discovered a gap.
How it works: basically Epicor determines the Usage over the Time period and parameters defined on the Part Class or the Part Site and then divides that by the History to get the Daily Usage, this is then Multiplied by the Lead Time in the grid in the program to determine the Min Level (rounded down). Then the Min value is used with the Max & Safety multiples to determine those values.
The issue is that the Lead Time in the grid is ALWAYS the Purchasing Lead Time, and is not determined based on the Part Site Source.
If you would rather the program to dynamically determine the Lead Time you can use a Method Directive BPM on MinMaxSfyMassUpd.GetMinMaxSafetyRecords (Post) to lookup the proper lead time and set it in the result data set, then any calculations in the program will use that lead time instead.
I’m trying to get this understood by Epicor Support so they will correct this as the field label is misleading and depending on how you source parts you might conclude that the Min Max values calculated don’t make sense.


After failing to convince Epicor Support that this behavior is a bug I have been told this would be an Enhancement Request and would need to enter it on the Epicor Idea’s website, so here it is:

Min\Max\Safety Mass Update Lead Time Match Part | Epicor ERP Ideas (

Please vote!!!

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Thanks for posting Rick I have voted.

Crazy how they don’t understand this is a bug.

Why would you want to use the PO lead time to calculate the min / safety of a manufactured part.

I am not surprised at all. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Rick_Bird ,

This is helpful thanks. I’ve voted for your suggestion but wondered if you’d be willing to share your BPM code for the workaround? I know this thread is old and you may have wiped the whole thing from your memory.