BeforeAdapterMethod Failing

I'm sure theres an easy fix to this but I'm just not seeing it. I have the following procedure which is intended to pull back some UD values from a customised version of the CustXPrt table when an order line is saved.
It works OK when theres a matching customer part record, however there will be times when there is no match and at the moment when that happens its throwing a Record Not Found exception.
Can this code be adapted to ignore such instances and if so how ?



Private Sub oTrans_ordAdapter_BeforeAdapterMethod(ByVal sender As object, ByVal args As BeforeAdapterMethodArgs) Handles oTrans_ordAdapter.BeforeAdapterMethod
'// ** Argument Properties and Uses **
'// args.MethodName, args.Cancel
'Add Event Handler Code
'MessageBox.Show(args.MethodName) ' use this to find method
dim myCustPart as String
dim myCustID as String
dim agreementAmount as string
dim expiry as string
Dim partDtl As EpiDataView = CType(oTrans.EpiDataViews("OrderDtl"), EpiDataView)
Dim ordHed as EpiDataView = CType(oTrans.EpiDataViews("OrderHed"),EpiDataView)
myCustPartAd = new CustXPrtAdapter(SalesOrderForm)

Select Case args.MethodName

Case "Update"

myCustPartAd = New CustXPrtAdapter(SalesORderForm)
_myPartNum = partDtl.dataView(PartDtl.Row)("PartNum")
myCustID = ordHed.dataView(ordHed.Row)("CustNum")
myCustPart = partDtl.dataView(PartDtl.Row)("xPartNum")

Dim exists As Boolean = myCustPartAd.GetByID(myCustID,_myPartNum,myCustPart)
If exists then
agreementAmount = (myCustPartAd.CustXPrtData.CustXPrt.Rows(0)("Number01")).toString()
expiry = (myCustPartAd.CustXPrtData.CustXPrt.Rows(0)("Date01")).toString
edvOrdDtl.dataView(edvOrdDtl.row)("ShortChar04") = agreementAmount
edvOrdDtl.dataView(edvOrdDtl.row)("ShortChar05") = expiry
edvOrdDtl.dataView(edvOrdDtl.row)("Checkbox01") = true
oTrans.pushStatusText("No stock agreement",True)
End if
Catch ex as exception,"Exception Thrown By Customer Part Adapter")
End try

Case Else

End Select

End Sub