Best practice for finding Sales Orders that need to ship

Up and until now the sites at my company are primarily make-to-order. But now we are looking at implementing in an area that is make to stock.
But we are not sure about the best way to find sales orders that need to ship today and also have stock of those parts.
Documentation on fulfillment workbench and sales order picking is lacking. Once we can identify those things we have customer shipment down.

Eric - Take a look at the Order Fulfillment course if you have Education licensed.



I gave Shipping a dashboard that they used to monitor shipments. I took unshipped order releases by “Required by” date and showed either “Inventory” [highlighted in yellow] or the Job Number as the source of the shipment depending on the
make or direct flag. I filtered the Required by to go back 5 days so that it showed everything past due [in Red] and due in the next 5 days. One company I worked with put it up on a big screen over the shipping area.

The project managers and production were required to follow up on the past due and update the date on the order, if necessary.

If that is not feasible, there is always the scheduled shipments report.