Best practice for setting up intangible "parts"?

We’re using Part Numbers for different types of service parts, freight, inspections, engineering parts, hoursly parts, other intangible things, as apparently is the recommended way.

I’ve got these parts set with the following options:

  • Qty bearing = false
  • Non-stock = true
  • Buy-To-Order = false
  • Type = Purchased (so it doesn’t auto-select Make Direct on SO Release screen)
  • Primary Bin = “N/A” (set up on each of our warehouses, so when we “ship” the line, we don’t get an error message needing a bin)

That last part is a bit goofy but I think its OK. Is this how some others here have it set up - @JasonCampbell ?

Anyone have anything to add / correct?

Hi Terry,

Probably known, but not bad to note, uncheck Process MRP and uncheck Generate Suggestions.


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