Best practice for Transferring inventory

We send parts to a CM(Contract Manufacturer) who builds products for us. This means we have to update inventory to move it between our wharehouse and our CM frequently(hundreds of transactions every week). We’ve always used a BAQ(to get current inventory levels) along with DMT to push updates and it’s worked well. Unfortunately we have discovered a bug in DMT, if you drive a part negative and it is configured to stop to prevent this the DMT tool prints success in the log indicating the transfer happened but doesn’t actually adjust inventory. We have a case open with support as we could easily demonstrate this bug, but I’m just thinking is there a better way to transfer inventory between warehouses or are we on the right track with using DMT?

Have you tried using Sub contractor shipments.

Vinay Kamboj

I have used a work order with a subcontract operation. as @Vinaykamboj suggests Sub contract shipment will ship the material to the vendor and simplify the receipt. The receipt will receive the material back to job.
You have a few steps to complete for jobs, but it should be accurate. Try it in Test, see if it works for you.