"Best" way to export data on a schedule

I say spend the 20 dollars note not actual price and get the process scheduling tool from DMT / Epicor

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@josecgomez.trigemco trying to steal my Update-able BAQ thunder!

We built a program to use with windows task schedule with. I command line pass it the BAQ to run. I have the bpm code attached to the called BAQ’s GetList method. You then have the choice of using the data returned from the BAQ, or you could if you wanted just return say 1 company record just for the sake of firing it and put whatever code you want in the BPM even if it’s not anywhere near related to the BAQ. It’s just a means of getting into the BPM code and BAQ seemed the most versatile. It works pretty slick that way. Fairly free flowing.

I gave you credit @jgiese.wci don’t be a cry baby lol

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Got the REST cUrl sample working.


Beautiful @Bart_Elia

I’m not sure about the exact parameters you need, but would SSRS/ReportServer and a scheduled subscription work for this?

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SSRS is it’s own world. I honestly don’t know enough about that portion of SQL Server.

Yeah, I notice not many people mention it on these forums. That’s too bad, it was pretty easy to learn for data dumps and subscribed reporting. It solves so many reporting/data problems for me. I don’t think I could work without it.

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@duckor, I would love to pick your brain on the issue. In an attempt to avoid hijacking this thread (as my title warns)- Perhaps we could start a new thread or PM. I have tried many times to get SSRS working, and my IT team gave up ages ago.

Oh I know a ton including the current implementation and future plans. I just never investigated CLI (Command Line Interface) options for it. :wink:

I use TOAD for SQL Server. It has an automation scheduler - very easy to use. It can export the query as an excel file(s) or an Excel file with multiple worksheets or CSV files. It can put the file onto a file server. Loads of ways to do it. It is integrated with the windows scheduler.

I run Toad on a little application server - takes very little and is very powerful. If you export more than 65536 rows in Excel it needs to have Excel on the server itself just to get the row counts higher. I’ve found it to be a fantastic tool.

You can use it to schedule any SQL query/procedure/SQL script.

I would agree with SSRS we use that a lot to email reports an a regular basis, you can setup schedules. You could also do something with Service Connect. It’s pretty easy to schedule events with that. Then you could dump it in an email or something as well. Just some other thoughts.

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We have a similar situation. Anyone know if the BAQ Export process accepts wildcards for the name? We have a customer than we need to upload a CSV file to their system. We have a BAQ to pull the data but the customer needs the filename to be unique each upload. We were thinking of using the Date, hopefully in YYMMDD format.

Reading this topic seems like a BPM is an option too and REST looks a bit advanced for what we need, but a great tool.

I would have suggested making a BPM tied to the Dynamic Query Export. Then inside the BPM, programatically change the file name


is the variable to tweak in the BPM.

Now the very, very bad news… E10 does not allow you to make a BPM for the Export Process. :rage:

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All the export process does is call ExecuteByID… (however it doesn’t appear to trigger BPMs)

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Thanks, still learning advanced BPM’s here but we’ve been considering a C# program in a Windows scheduled task that’ll look for the specific filename BAQExport creates, rename it and move it into the FTP upload queue directory.

Could you maybe make a job on the SQL server agent to run on a schedule and then send query data out to text file using something like this: Export Data to Text File | Breeze - Sundar Thiagarajan ?


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