Better Multi-Company Queue Management

The Multi-Company Process is quite fragile and it sometimes takes 1 bad record to get the entire Queue stuck. Currently Epicor provides a little Maintenance screen to look at the IntQueue but most of the times it won’t even report the Error (IntError) and you have to go to SQL to wipe IM Tables away and do your diligence what’s missing.

Just some better Oversight, Canceling, Viewing Progress Multi-Company Process Entry Screen.

Ability to Investigate / Cancel:

  • Queue Out
  • Queue In
  • IM Table Issues

Since we are at it bump up the 1000 records to limit to 10,000 atleast; its hard-coded in the Multi-Company Assembly.

Currently I Investigate it via SQL, but needs a SQL Admin / Dev / IT Person:

select TableName, i.rows Records
from sysobjects t, sysindexes i
where t.xtype = 'U' and = and i.indid in (0,1)
order by i.rows desc;


SELECT * FROM Erp.IntError;
SELECT * FROM Ice.IntQueOut;

SELECT * FROM Erp.Part WHERE Company = '00100000';
SELECT * FROM Erp.VendPart WHERE Company = '00100000';

Example 2 (Another Manual Sshot of Queries to fix Bad GL Data):

I don’t know how this would happen without a rewrite. Maybe a better option is just better error reporting for admins. They use Azure App Insights for their telemetry but if we are on prem we aren’t able to direct it to our Azure account instead of theirs. That might be a start.

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@John_Mitchell you use app insights and would like a clone of the telemetry data?

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I tried to modify your Telemetry KEY but didnt have the .snk to resign the DLL :slight_smile: @Bart_Elia so good thought Bart a way to also send ourselves telemetry.

I would like to be able to see the general health of the system. Really what I would like to see is your SAAS team to create a Github repo with all of their tools and scripts to manage their systems, but this was only requests and not dreams :wink:

Add a new feature request :wink:

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Tada! Done Ability to Send Telemetry Insights to Our Azure

At the very least, have the error message contain the PO number that is causing the process to fail.


Oh PLEASE report all instances of bad / missing data in error messages. It’s a major concern and annoyance personally as well. We just went thru a replumbing of some internal exception handling so I hope we can show you better data over time but never hesitate to request more accurate error data.

Reminder - Customer Problems get priority order when we prioritize efforts. A ticket ID is the best way to get an issue worked upon.

I just reported a bug with missing data for multi-company processing with PO Receipts. Support created a problem number but I have no idea if that will get accepted by dev and if a Jira issue is created or if it’s going to be resolved in a future release.

Which is why my request was for: Allow Users to and Track and Get Updates for Jira Issues

Feature: Pass UD Tables to Multi-Company

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