Bill of Lading-Amount of Info Required

Hi everyone,
A "normal" bill of lading is a contract between us and the carrier.
However, our customers don't use commercial carriers. They require that
shipments be transported via their own carrier. All of the info is
required in detail on one bill of lading. When the shipment arrives at
their dock the bill of lading is scanned into their system. We are paid
based upon this "receivor", we don't mail paper invoices or transmit EDI
invoices. If the info is not on the b/l or is incorrect we don't paid.
The customer's system matches our shipment info to their purchasing
system and generates a wire transfer for payment. Their entire system
is automated, including the warehouse. Truly "untouched by human
hands". These customers are international giants in the cosmetic and
fragrance industries and dictate what THEY WANT. If we don't do it
their way, they find another supplier.
Thanks again for the help and replies. Just wanted to clairfy the
Debbie Raiona