Binding actionResult DataSet to DataView

Hey everyone,

I’m having some trouble binding a dataset I’m returning from a function to a DataView in the “Serial Number Assignment” screen.

I have a very simple event which calls my function via the rest-erp widget (shoutout to @hmwillett for the big assist in this post.)

Here is what I have configured on the rest-erp widget.

This works as expected and is returning data in the response as seen below:

The problem is how I’m unable to bind the response data the _SelectedSerialNumbers dataview.

After this event executes, inspecting the dataviews confirms no change to _SelectedSerialNumbers:

Based on the warning messages displayed in console, it looks there’s a problem with how I’m accessing the response.

Would someone be able to provide insight as to what I’ve done incorrectly?

Without testing it myself… give this a try and see if that helps.


Thank you so much for taking the time to respond! I’m seeing similar behavior with these tweaks :disappointed_relieved:. I think I’ll be able to get what I want by using a custom dataview which points to the same DataSet and DataTable as the _SelectedSerialNumbers dataview (in the middle of testing that now).

I have a functioning solution, though I’m concerned about essentially duplicating a preexisting DataView. That said here is the layer so far:

Custom dataview - essentially a copy of the _SelectedSerialNumbers dataview

Event to populate the custom dataview:

I’m assuming the grid populates because cdv_SelectedSerNums points the same DataTable (SelectedSerialNumbers) and DataSet (SerialNoAssign) as _SelectedSerialNumbers.

Am I getting concerned over a non-issue, or should I continue trying to get it to work by using the _SelectedSerialNumbers dataview?