Blank Due Dates for buyers

We are on 8.03.403C and within the last two weeks I have been getting inquiries ffrom the buyers that the Time Phase Inquiry is showing a part requirement twice. The first one with a due date against a shop order and the second one with a blank due date against the same shop order. I've confirmed that the part is present only once within the Bill and the order has been Engineered and scheduled. At first I thought this was localized to only a couple of parts but now I'm informed that there are over a hundred parts that are acting this way (Only one or two within any one Bill).
In a previous release of Vantage, I could reschedule the job and this would eliminate the problem but not now. I've had a trouble ticket in with Epicor since this started but am still waiting to know what is wrong.
Any thoughts or similar stories to tell?


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