Blank TO numbers

Has anyone seen a Transfer Order not show a Transfer Order Num?

That looks to be a custom made dashboard. Go back to the source BAQ and check the table joins and conditions - the TO above the blank entries in your output could be because it’s pulling entries from a linked table, more rows than you expect.

It is a custom dashboard and i do see that there is something wrong with it. The weird thing is if I right click on that line that shows the blank TO Num it opens in TO Entry. But I can’t find the TO’s in TO Entry when I do a search. Here is an example…

On another post the other day somebody was talking about a JobHead record with no job number. Shouldn’t ever happen in the DB, but not impossible it seems.

Using SQL query, try this:

–Query on Transfer Order Header
select * from Erp.TFOrdHed
Where TFOrdNum = ‘’ or TFOrdNum = ’ ’

–Query on Transfer Order Detail
select * from Erp.TFOrdDtl
Where TFOrdNum = ‘’ or TFOrdNum = ’ ’

If you do get any records returned, then raise a case with Epicor support saying that you’ve got a TO with blank TO Num. They should then create and deliver a datafix.


Yes I have pulled in SQL and get blank records. It does allow me to delete them. I have not opened a case with Epicor.

So what was the fix in E10?