Blanking KBCode Field in Partwhse table


How do you blank out the KBCode in the PartWhse table via DMT? We currently have some parts set to manual and wish to delete this replenishment type on specific parts. When we attempt to DMT we get an error saying there must be a minimum qty. The minimum would be inactive when the KBCode field is blanked out or deleted. Any help appreciated.

Is the replenishment type field a required field? It appears it can be manually removed without error.

Shouldn’t be required. Not all companies use Kanban systems. We don’t use them and those fields are blank on all of our parts.

There are no default “out-of-the-box” Replenishment Types. You have to create them in Kanban Type Entry. So if you have one called “Manual”, someone had to have created that at some point.

Should be no reason you can’t just clear that field and make it a non-Kanban part.

That’s what I was thinking, but wanted to make sure. Opening a ticket with Epicor. Hopefully someone has answers.

Tried it again today and it went through no issues. Weird…

Was able to process DMT but had to do 2 dmts, one to remove KB code and one to remove min/max values to zero. How can this be done in one dmts?