Blazor Component Vendors

Hi all,

I am currently a DevExpress customer, and have been for many years. I have used them for WinForms and WPF components during my time developing Windows desktop applications. I have always found the quality of DevExpress components to be pretty good, and have had great experience with their support team.

In the past couple years I have been pivoting to Blazor. DevExpress has a decent suite of Blazor components, but they seem to be pretty far behind Telerik and Infragistics in the number of components they offer.

Is anyone here developing with Blazor, and can you speak to the quality/ease of use of the Infragistics or Telerik components, and your experience with their customer support?

I am considering switching, but looking for some input first.


Hey Andrew,

I wouldn’t worry too much about the number of components each vendor has on offer. Look at the components that you will be using and compare those.

We use Telerik for Blazor, WPF and ASP.Net Core projects. We have found the larger more complex components (like the grid) are good but the smaller ones (button, combo box) are not as good. When I say not so good I mean they work for simple scenarios but if you need to do something more interesting then you hit limitations. We are starting to take the view of only going to the Telerik components when standard platform ones are inadequate for our needs. Having said that I expect that the investment in the Blazor components is still ongoing so I would expect them to improve over time.

I am not sure about the reporting components in Blazor but the Telerik reporting components for WPF are pretty average - gets a simple job done but becomes hard if you want to do interesting stuff.

In terms of support I have found Telerik good. The forums have good info and the support staff are active there. The support staff also post full working visual studio solutions not just code snippets. They seem to be very good at pulling a sample app, editing it to answer your questions and post that to the forum (along with an explanation).

There is also the cost of changing vendors…will you go back and swap out all the components from the old vendor?



Thanks Brett!