Blockquote in MS Outlook

I love the quote feature on this forum. It’s great for responding to a specific thought in someone else’s post.

So I tried to hack this in MS Outlook and it looks great when I am composing the message, but not when I send it (when they receive it).

Like this one I just sent a coworker:


The gray bar is Borders and Shading, and I indented the text. After I send, the text stays indented, but the border goes over to the left margin.

Anyone ever seen this?

I just tried it (sent from O365 and to 0365), it it looks okay.

Here’s what my Draft looked like:

And here’s what I received:

It even looks okay on my iPhone.


The only thing that is “wrong” is that the right side border goes to however wide the window is.

That’s funny, you’re getting a sort of opposite problem. Mine is the left border, yours is the right. (I’d rather have your problem.)

We have O365, too. Well, I guess it’s just a glitch.

Appreciate the time.

Huh. Me too. Well alright, it’s just my computer that’s messed up.

FWIW - Here’s the settings in O365 (on the sending PC).
(I removed the right boarder, as just one on the left gets the job done)


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