Blueworks Live

Anyone using Blueworks Live by any chance?

Trying to render the Process Maps from Blueworks on EPICOR 10 as widgets and needed some guidance on how to proceed.

Basically trying to make it available/visible to everyone with an Epicor login, without them having to signup for Blueworks.


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I like the idea of what you are asking but I can’t see any way that it will translate into BPM/Directive widgets directly. Those editors are too embedded and have no real external interface.

Having said that, in the end they are all code & XML behind the scenes, so I’m sure some sort of compiler/translator/converter could be written…

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Yeah I’m with you. This seems like it would be tough to maintain. Also, what value would it provide? The documentation of the BPM is the BPM. Maintaining a static and separate process diagram of what the BPM is doing seems duplicative and prone to mismatch. Maybe a high level process diagram in Visio is what would work better but doing a legit business process diagram could be a real task. I guess it depends on why too. I’ve done it before for integration diagrams but alas.

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I also like the idea. If we could create our own widget (code generators), then maybe? But I agree with the other gentlemen, it would be a tough task.


Maybe something like a living document, like a read only Swagger page for an API. Something that documents the inputs and outputs of each widget and is rendered for a given BPM and served up via webpage. And since often there are multiple BPMs acting together, an option to “link” the different directives under a group (well, this already exists) and render the group of BPMs together as a process unit.


Can you embed the process diagram into the Kinetic Homepage as a web page? I’m not familiar with Blueworks, but if everything is cloud, it’s just a web page.

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Thanks for all the responses guys. Much appreciated. Looks like i have to do some more reading.

Essentially, Blueworks Live is used to map and document the Business Processes across all functional areas of the business. However, instead of having to send an invite everytime someone new joins in, i would rather make the process maps and documentation available to everyone.

I do not need it to interact with Epicor’s BPM’s which regulates the way the screens work on epicor.

It will be purely for viewing purposes as the Blueworks Maps and documents also consists of activities that are not performed on Epicor.

Think of it as an overview of “what to do, how to do it, and who does what”. Purely view only for all users, while i still have admin rights to go and perform changes to the maps and documents.