Bold type?

I’m nearing the end of my Config creation, I’ve added pics of how my info is showing in the config currently.

What I want to do is make everything in red “bold” and 2 Font sizes bigger.
How do I accomplish this?

You may get some ideas watching this:

Do you need it to be stored that way? Or just appear on the configurator window?

As things stand, what you see in the Config window, is being pushed back into the quote, and it also appears on the P/Os too. I want it to show in bold all of the time.

That’s asking a lot. Will this be saved to a UD field? or need to display in a native field?

If just want it in the configurator, you could build it in HTML, save as a file on the server, then have a Browser Control point to that file.

The following code is an example:

string text;
text = "<!DOCTYPE html><html><head><title>Page Title</title>";
text = text + "<style>p {font-family: mono; font-size: 20px;}</style>";
text = text + "</head><body>";

text = text + "<p>";
text = text +"<b>Install the following: </b>";
text = text + "DCP U7 Sepc .... " + "<br>";
text = text + "<br>";

text = text +"<b>Options: </b>";
string OptionsText = Inputs.txtOptions.Value;
text = text + OptionsText + "<br>";
text = text + "</p>";

text = text + "</body></html>";

System.IO.File.WriteAllText(@"\\usdcaaps00371\EpicorData\HTML_page2.html", text);
Inputs.brwsSummary.Value = @"\\usdcaaps00371\EpicorData\HTML_page2.html";

I put that in the OnChange event of the Options textbox. after tabbing out of that control, it builds the HTML and writes it to the file. Then the last line points the Browser control to that file.

Not sure about showing HTML formatted text in a native control on a regular forms (Order Entry, PO, etc…), but you could save the HTML used to generate the display on the configurator, to a UD field, and then set the Report to display HTML.


It might not be super obvious, but the HTML formatted comment above, renders in the SSRS output:

Now you wouldn’t want to store that in the native field. But rather in a UD field. And the UD field is what the SSRS report would use

At my previous gig, I created a templated RTF string and pulled the data into in and then the user pressed a button, it put the filled in script on the clipboard and they’d paste it into Word. The product was a big ticket item so the quote was delivered on nice heavy paper, formatted more professionally than SSRS.

The next goal, which was about 50% done, was a OfficeJS addon (we were on O365) that would pull the values from the configuration (REST+BAQ) and put them into the Word document template for that product group - like a mail merger. In 10.2.500, you could get the values in a BAQ but that happened after I left.