BOM DMT: UD field not in sync between ECOOpr_UD and PartOpr_UD?

I am trying to run a Bill of Operations DMT that updates a custom field (ShortChar01). This field gets updated in the ECOOpr_UD table, but stays blank in the PartOpr_UD table.

We have a BPM that keeps this field in sync when engineering checks-in / checks-out, but the BPM doesn’t seem to be working when utilizing the DMT. Any ideas of what I can do with the DMT to keep this field in sync?

Or another way to ask this: best way to keep a custom field in sync between ECOOpr_UD and PartOpr_UD tables when running Bill of Operations DMT?

It depends where the BPM is if its a Method Directive or Data Directive and if Epicor DMT in that instance is using Update or UpdateExt.

If you want the easy way you can use UD Column Map (System Setup / System Maintenance) screen and setup the sync there without the need of a BPM. They support the ECO to Part tables.

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Okay, this makes total sense. I wonder why the original developer avoided the use of UD Column Mapping and instead wrote a BPM on CheckIn/ CheckOut to keep these fields in sync. Was this feature around in 9.05?