BOM QtyPerParent field limited to 10,000 need to be at least 100,000


Working with a few customers that have come into the issue that they need to issue N00,000 Square Inches to a job per parent item.
Yes, they could convert to Square feet and divide the amount by 144, but they work in Square Inches.

It has been “discovered” or by design you can go into the Extended properties process and change the format of the field from >>,>>9.999999 to >,>>>,>>9.999999

In order to accomplish all of this, you also need to setup the following fields
JobMtl.QtyPer and JobMtl.ReqRefDes - you also may need to change the JobMtl.ExtScrap, but that is already at >>>,>>9.99

A key question -
Has anyone done this and any impact elsewhere in the system?
Checking Issuing material to the job was not a problem
Issued a billion UOMs to the job and ended up with a very large financial transaction.
Realize that some printed reports if you had large numbers you would have to change the form.

Any other comments?