BPM Activating on Customer Credit Total Change


I’m looking to create a BPM that will send an email to a Customer when the Customer’s Credit Limit is surpassed. However, I’m having difficulty finding the best method code to use to notice the change. I’ve tried the Erp.Customer.UpdateCreditsTotals but it does NOT work when the Credit Total is changed due to an Invoice charge. Is there a method name that would notice when a Customer’s Credit Total has been updated via Invoice or any other means?

Is the customer automatically placed on Credit Hold when they exceed the limit? A Data Directive could monitor that (but would also trigger if manually placed on Credit hold).

Don’t forget the settings (Company Maint or Company Config?) that consider whether new un-shipped orders are included in the calculation, or just after invoicing.

Having the check be on changing to Credit Hold has worked very well, thank you for the advice!