BPM: "begins with" operation

This is a general question, related to these two:

Under what conditions does the “Begins with” operation work?

In a BPM, I want to display a message when the Product Group Code begins with “Z”.

I tried this: The ttOrderDtl.ProdCode field of the changed row begins with the Z… expression The BPM did execute, but got the false result every time.

I then changed the condition to evaluate the number of rows returned by a query. The query looks for rows where ProdCode begins “Z” constant. That did work, getting the false and true values as appropriate.

Anyone have any idea why “begins with” didn’t work?

And when “begins with” does work?


Do you know what row mods your rows have? (do a message box and show the rows, with row mod) Are you running this pre or post? The post processing method doesn’t usually know if the row is changed or not, so you may have to use “all rows” instead of “changed”. OR, you’ll have to set the condition in the pre-processing, then do the work in the post-processing.

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Using “all rows” did it – for now. Will explore the row mods bit later this week.


Have you done the message box with the field or table queries in it? That technique is super helpful to troubleshoot BPMs. And it’s not hard.

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Next up to learn how to do. The messaging I have in place is OK (not perfect, but OK) for now. Have to finish up a bunch of test scripts so they can be run in the morning.