BPM Code Calling Function/Tuple - Cannot convert type 'object[]' to. .

Hey there,

I’m trying to call a function from a BPM inside an updatable query.

Here’s the function signature:

And the code trying to access it:

var result = (Tuple<System.String, System.String, System.String>)this.InvokeFunction("ScheduledTesting","AltCITests",inBusUnit,inCINum,inCIRevisionNum,inSysRowID);

I’m getting the error “Cannot convert type ‘object[]’ to ‘System.Tuple<string, string, string>’”

If I comment out the “result = . . .” and execute only:


The function runs fine but doesn’t return anything, of course.

What am I missing?



Not Sure if you already have this - but here you go:

var result = (Tuple<bool, Decimal, String>)this.InvokeFunction("InterCompanyShip", "CheckMatching", Tuple.Create(ttr.ShipHead_PackNum)); 
bool return1 = result.Item1; 
decimal return2 = result.Item2; 
string return3= result.Item3;

Hopefully this helps
Kind regards

var result = (Tuple<int?, DateTime?>)(this.InvokeFunction(functionLibrary, functionName, Tuple.Create( today, leadDays, "STLMFG")));

Am I crazy? I’m still getting the "Cannot convert type ‘object[]’ to ‘System.Tuple<int?, System.DateTime?>’ - that is the correct data type return value from my function signature.

Most of the Tuple stuff is no longer necessary.

object result = InvokeFunction(functionLibrary, functionName, today, leadDays, "STLMFG");

result[0] is your int
result[1] is your datetime

Thank you so much, you have saved my sanity.