BPM - Condition Statement...specified field of the designed query changed from

I am looking for guidance on the condition statement “Value of the specified field of the designed query changes from any to another”.

I would assume that if I write a query,

then I would get access to ALL fields in linked tables? But when I click on the specified field, I can only choose from the temporary table:

So if I want to evaluate if a field on the linked ERP.Task table changed from any to another, how would I go about that? Am I trying to do something impossible?

If I wanted to evaluate the condition if a value on the temporary table changed from any to another, I would just choose the condition statement “The specified field has been changed from any to another”.

What happens if you store the fields you are linking on in variables, and use the variables as table criteria in your designed query, instead of linking to tt, then does it let you pick the Task table? I find the designed queries very frustrating to work with because they are so limited - how is it a query if you can’t select the fields that are being returned!!

I agree with what you said, not a query if you cannot pick returned values from any linked table. Is this broken in Epicor or is this working as designed?

When I try to create a query with just the Task table, I get this error:
It seems like the temp-table is required.

Yeah I guess it doesn’t work that way. Looking at the condition though, it kind of doesn’t make sense - why would the value in the task table have changed? Presumably the data that is being edited is in the temp table?

Many of our quote tasks get initially assigned to a “group” first and then a manager assigns that task to an individual (or an individual assigns it to themselves). I want an email to go out when the task changes (and Send Alert at Creation is checked on that task), or when the “Assigned To” changes but the task has not changed. You can see in the field help, that the Task.SalesRepCode is the field that identifies the “Assigned To” for the task and that does not exist in the temp-table.

Yeah but the value that is actually changing is on your temp table - otherwise maybe the BPM isn’t triggering off the right event?

So what is the temp-table field that contain the active task “Assigned to” code?

Or are you saying I need to create another Data Directive on the TASK table to capture when the “assigned to” changes?


For Quotes, some tasks can be repeated (change the task set and some Tasks will be done more than once). I think I am missing a table relation link and I am not sure what it is. I have a query linking the Task table to the QuoteHed. The links are Company-Company, TaskQuoteNum-QuoteNum, and TaskID-ActiveTaskID. Unfortunately, if a task has been done more than once, this query returns more than 1 line.

I can see that the Sequence is different, but how do I identify which of the tasks is the current active task (when more than 1 line matches the taskID to the ActiveTask), so I can monitor a change in the Task.SalesRepCode (when an active task gets reassigned to someone)?