Bpm custom code

I am creating a bpm in Erp.OrderJobWiz.CreateJobs that sets a customized field JobHead.Date01 when JobHead.JobReleased is equal to "true. I have everything set up for the bpm, however, I am not able to select the JobHead.Date01 as a field to set if the condition in true.



@Tripb44 JWJobHead is just the dataset that OJW needs not all of the JobHead fields. You need to get the newly created JobHead in post-processing using the JWJobHead.JobNum and then update Date01.

So in another BO, something like the below?

@Tripb44 Now that is on JobEntry, so the Job already exists and this code won’t get seen by OJW.
In this case you want preprocessing and then that looks good.

Think of the flow of data for pre and post from the servers point of view. Pre-processing is coming from the client previous to it getting to the server. Post processing is data coming from the server back to the client.

I would probably try this in a data directive on JobHead, but only when Date01 was null and release was set to true so it only fired once.

I already have the below set in preprocessing. The issue is when a user goes through order job wizard and selects released from that module, the date01 field will not be set.

@Tripb44 You can use the DD approach and remove the preprocessing on job entry as it should handle both.