BPM Email Formatting Issue

I am sending an email from a UBAQ that is triggered from a BAQ Export.

The Email Template is the following:


But when there is more than 1 line on the BAQ, the email is showing the following:

How do i get it so that is splits the information up into Seperate lines so that the Email actually makes some sense.

Wondering what directive, criteria used?
Have you already tried changing any options?

If you’re going to be stuck with fields that return multiple, duplicate values
I might try custom code to pull the first value(s) from the field(s), store in CallContextBPMData field(s) for use in the email?

In the meantime I might use a simple, cheap workaround

  • layout as separate lines in you email.
    Name… xxxxx ; xxxxx
    Order Qty… xxxx ; xxxxx
    Part… xxxxx ; xxxxxx
    Desc… xxxx ; xxxxxx
    i.e. duplicate values but at least would be a little easier to read until you find a better solution.

Are those inserted fields “Table Queries” or “Field Queries”?

And if “Field Query”, which boxes are checked?


They are Field Queries and they are all ticked at the moment

I can never keep straight exactly how those boxes work, but I do believe that with multiple boxes checked, you can get multiple values.

Try it with just one box checked. Then test to make sure the one selected is the one that produces the results.

I tried with just one ticked at a time but still get the same issue

The email is showing correct information as my BAQ is just two records for now, it’s just the formatting to email is confusing to read, so I am just wanting to work out a way for it to just be separate lines within the email

Which BO and Method (and Pre or Post) is being used?

You might be seeing the the “before” and “after” values. You see the same value because its another field that is actually being changed. If that field was in the < insert >, then you’de see that fields before and after values.

I think you want to insert a Table Query and select the columns to output. Then it will format a header row and multiple data rows.

I ended up having to use HTML to format a rather complex email from a BPM, coding a lot of stuff in variables before I got to the actual email. You may want to see if you can do something similar. Putting the data into tables can make it more legible.

I found this example to be helpful in coding my own emails that require lists of things:


Also, you can do HTML in a BPM’s Mail widget …