BPM Email Template - how do I include other table fields?

Hi guys,

I’ve created a Quote.Update.Pre BPM to send an email when a UD field is checked in an updatable dashboard. I got the email to work, and in the email template, inserted a few fields from the ttQuoteHed table.

First question - How do I link other tables to the email template? When I click Insert > Field Query, I only see the ttQuoteHed (and other ttQuote tables mostly). I’d like to add all call log records for that quote number, but can’t figure out how I would join that table (on QuoteNum) so it’s available for the email template to use. Is it time to learn C#?

Second Question - What does the filter do in “Select Table Fields”? I couldn’t find anything in the help or BPM Epicor Education documents.


Thanks for the help!

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Yup :slight_smile: tough to do what you ask without custom code. You could try and get some values from a BAQ using the Set by BAQ stuff but that’s painful.

The filter narrows down the records sent in the email those that have been (Added, Updated,Deleted, or Unchanged) Selecting all filters none

If it’s a few fields, you can use the Set Argument/Variable to assign a BPM Variable to a data field with a single line of code. Then call the variable in the email “node” template.

Db.TableName.FirstOrDefault(uf => uf.RelationField1 == RelationField1… ).Field-you-want-to-display ?? “”

Example code: Db.UDCodes.FirstOrDefault(p => p.Company == callContextClient.CurrentCompany && p.CodeTypeID == "CSR" && p.CodeID == ttOrderHedRow.udEnteredFor_c).CodeDesc ?? ""



Thanks for the idea. I don’t have the Set Argument/Variable in my BPM Workflow Designer (in Pre, and also checked Post). Maybe it was added after 10.0?

Would I be able to do something similar using the Execute Custom Code widget?

Thanks again.

There was a lot of stuff added between 10.0 and 10.1.