BPM, Errors & Live vs test (all related)


I have an issue that seems harder than it should be to resolve. First, i dont have the issues at all in our Test environment, only when the BPMs are added to Live do the problems persist.

I have 2 BPMs, one is standard that notifies groups of users based on a single JobHead field update, the other is an in-process BPM that updates are range of fields to other linked jobs when any of 6 fields are updated in the JobHead table.

In test, they both work ok
In Live, i get an error- 'Can include scalar and table parameters of the business method’.

I get this error twice in the same dialog so i assume there are 2 errors.

What causes this issue and why would it only occur Live?


One difference between sandboxes and Live that I’ve seen cause crazy errors, is when UD fields have been added to tables differently between the two. If this is the case, it could be any of the tables you mention. And you may not even be accessing the UDs in your BPM.

we do weekly backups of everything so the test db is the same as the live db…

Ive been able to narrow it down to 1 BPM that is checking for Date change on Date04 field and resolved the Scalar related error, i havent resolved the More than one record error


Lets see it.


here is the Data Directive BPM info

The error

The operation
Send an email if the Date04 field is updated.

If i turn this BPM off, any other changes to the Job Entry are succesful. If i turn this BPM on, i get the error