BPM for Method Changes - Where do I start?

I am trying to write a BPM for method changes. I cannot find the table to get started. In field change that we want to track is the cost for subcontract. Several other fields as well. Would somebody head me in the correct direction as far as what table I need. I am thinking of using a data directive unless otherwise advised.

Method changes on an existing job would be JobOper, method changes on an operation in the Engineering Workbench would be ECOOpr. I’d be careful using a Data Directive on these… it’s a much blunter instrument than a Method Directive. Exactly what are you wanting to accomplish?

We have several issues that we are trying to fix. The one issue is that are method has the wrong cost for subcontract. We need to track the changes on. Part of the issue is we are being billed as individual parts but for some reason we have pounds for the IUM.

Let’s start on the Job level… first thing I’d do is open up one of the offending jobs in Job Entry (you’ll probably have to UNCHECK the “Engineered” checkbox), go to the Job Details > Operations > Subcontract screen to see what the fields say and discover which ones you want to work on. You can change individual jobs this way, but a FAR more effective solution would be to update the actual Method of Manufacture so they aren’t created incorrectly in the first place.


i understand what you are saying about the jobs, but I am trying to keep track of the changes in Methods. The table you mentioned was very helpful for the data directive


Would you please send me your phone number to talk. My email is richgibbons@modernind.com

The beauty of this forum is that we can all share and benefit from the conversations of everyone… please ask your questions here since I certainly don’t have all the answers!

@richgibbons - Sounds like you want to add a ChangeLog to the JobMtl table.

Make a DD of table JobMtl, of type In-Tran.

Add the ChangeLog Widget

Select the fields to log when changed.


Now anytime that filed gets changed, it will be recorded.

Thank you Calvin