BPM Help - Set Field value does not show in Trace


Here is my situation. I can’t seem to give up trying to pass parameters in the background. Currently, I have a dashboard with a Tracker view and Grid view. I have bound the Tracker fields to Character01 & 02 in CallContextBpmData. On a Pre-Processing BPM I have set executionParams.ParameterValue to the call context fields. The messages that I put in the BPM show the values in the temp table being changed but the trace I ran does not show the values being changed. My experience has always been that if the temp table data is changed then it can be seen in the trace.

This BPM is on Ice.DynamicQuery.Execute

Any input is appreciated.

If you watch the video that Jose posted here, it shows you how to run a dynamic query. You will have to make your own grid instead of using the one the system provides, but if you populate your grid that way, you can pass whatever parameters you want from a text box. You just have to use all parameters, because you can’t use a combination of tracker filters and parameters.

Even if you change the parameter values in your pre-processing BPM, you’re still going to get the popup if you try to use the query with the dashboard. (that’s why you need to make you’re own grid and bind the results yourself)

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Thanks for the info @Banderson

But does anyone know why it doesn’t work? When you normally change data through a BPM it sticks, but not on this method.

so when you refresh on the dashboard, does it still make a pop-up for the parameters?

I’m thinking because the pre-processing can set the parameters at the beginning.

But the parameter value is showing up way down here. So the parameters that you are setting aren’t actually getting to the query.

My best guess.

So this is what is driving me mental. Here is the pop-up for the parameter.


Here is the message from the BPM that comes up after the parameter pop-up

Here is the info from the trace


I don’t understand where the data I input is going.

You said you had a pop up in your BPM, does that fire before or after the parameter popup?

It fires after the parameter pop-up

I figured out the the Execute method does not fire until after the parameter pop up

how does your BPM know what row to change on the query parameters?

Custom C#

maybe your sys row has to match. Instead of changing the value can you remove the rows and re-add them? (like it’s done in the video on the client side)

Good thinking. I will see if I can do that.

since your have your row mod set to A maybe it’s trying to add new rows.

I was using the wrong tt table. It is the QueryCtrl table that you need to put the parameter values in.

It still does not show up in the trace, but it is replacing the values in the query when it is executed.

Does that mean it’s working?

Yes, I am able to pass parameters entered on the dashboard tracker panel to the query itself without using the pop up.

Now all I need to figure out is how to disable the pop-up.

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