BPM infrastructure is not initialized properly - Epicor Function

This could be a long explanation for a short question but here we go. We currently have an internal web interface that drops a file to service connect to insert the basics of an order into Epicor. I am experimenting with trying to get service connect out of the loop by creating Epicor functions to replace the service connect functionality. I have what is intended to be a library of internal functions (widget) called from another Epicor Function Library. The internal library does the following:
Calls GetNewOrder
sets the custnum, soldto,
Calls ChangeSoldToID
sets the PO, order date, terms
Calls MasterUpdate

The exposed Epicor function just calls the internal function.

Now here’s the issue. I’m getting this message in the server log. I can’t quite wrap my head around it.

<InTranTriggerProvider msg="BPM infrastructure is not initialized properly: there are no row changes collector registered." machine="EP10APPDEV01" pid="1940" tid="100"/>

I do have a Data Directive - In-Transaction on OrderHed to conditionally set a few fields using widgets.
I also have a Method Directive on GetNewOrder, Post-Processing to set a couple of fields and one on MasterUpdate - PreProcessing that has a Custom Code that runs conditionally on the updated row in ttOrderHed.
I’ve disabled all the BPM’s and I still get the message in the server log.

Thanks in advance for any help!


After testing a bit more - it appears that the data directives are the problem. If I disable all 3 data directives, the error goes away (I must have missed one in the previous test). That makes sense to me but I don’t have a clue how to resolve the error.