BPM Issue Type Exists in Both BOs - Create Job

I am aware this is a known issue, but I would like some suggestions on how to bypass this without the use of an external dll
I am trying to create a job from the passed inspected quantity. I thought using the Quick Job Entry would have been easy enough, but the tableset created has also the same types as InspRcpt (note that in the BPM I am not using the repeated types)

Can’t be done that’s the way the DLL’s are written. If more than 1 DLL declares the same class in the same name space you are SOL without special compile flags (which you don’t have in the BPM Engine)

If you REALLY REALLY REALLY don’t want to use an external DLL… You could try invoking an updatable BAQ from your code and then in the UBAQ do the work you need to do. But talk about a hack job :-S

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I would really want to avoid the DLL route as I am not a programmer. Never done anything similar. While the updatable BAQ could be interesting but it does not have all the options of the quick job entry.

You can invoke the quick job entry BO in your UBAQ. However you said “Im not a programmer” this is heavy code first. I’d recommend against.


Someone here posted a solution using UD tables and a BPM on the UD table. So basically a data directive to write to a UD table and another BPM on the UD table to write to the table you want to write. You can search the forum for it.

Vinay Kamboj

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The solution of filling a UD table and use another BPM on the update works perfectly.
Now I am having issues within the BPM, the Fill Table by Query does not fill the table.
Is anyone aware of issues in using the Quick Job tableset?
I tried post and pre processing, ttUD and UD, I don’t know what else is there to fix this.

I thought they were going to fix this in 10.2. Was it not deal with yet? Just testing upgrade to 10.2.300 now and looking into this to replace the issues I’m having with updating the external dll.

still broken :slight_smile:

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Just for reference this is also brought up in this post:

Our solution this weekend was to simply use a Updatable BAQ and “Advanced BPMs” on it, simply having Calculated Fields (as params) and then execute the second portion in the Updatable BAQ, by calling the UBAQ from our original BPM. Using the DynamicQuerySvcContract.

This can be solved in 10.2.500 by using Epicor Functions (new feature!)