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Where or how I can find all the documentation of all the possible methods I can call with Erp.Contracts.SalesOrderSvcContract

For example:
using (Erp.Contracts.SalesOrderSvcContract soSvc = Ice.Assemblies.ServiceRenderer.GetService<Erp.Contracts.SalesOrderSvcContract>(Db))
soSvc.CloseRelease(ttOrderRel_xRow.OrderNum, ttOrderRel_xRow.OrderLine, ttOrderRel_xRow.OrderRelNum);

Therefore what else can I can call soSvc. i.e I know I can call soSvc.CloseRelease(OrderNum, OrderLine,OrderRelNum) and the parameters for each of them .

EpicWeb under Technical References Documentation for each Major version you can find the BO Ref.



Thank You , this is what I was looking for … Thanks