BPM not fire service connect

Hi Everyone,

I had an issue with the service connect.

Our company is using Epicor ITSM to let customers to log cases for our product’s issue. Currently there is a BPM in HDCase.update to trigger a service connect process which will update the case record into ITSM. This process is normally running well however recently the service connect was not fired for a specific customer. I can’t find any relevant activity in ESC console. Is there anyone know how to find out why the service connect was not called or trace the calling process?

Thanks in advance.

Is there a switch on the customer record that is off (or on) that is not the same for other customers?


Hi Charlie,

I guess it should change something because this customer is running good before last month. However I can’t find any field will affect the process which is I am looking for.

Thanks anyway.

The BPM that fires Service Connect. Are there any conditions in it or does it just call SC?

Hi Charlie,

Yes, it has conditions. I make sure the condition was filled and I use the message showing to determine the BPM action was executed.

Do you have verbose logging enabled on the server? Have you checked the log file for any errors or see if the BPM is firing and making that call.