BPM on ShipHead throwing an error

We have a Standard Data Directive BPM that fires on ShipHead when a pack is marked as Shipped. The BPM does an AutoPrint for EDI ASN’s (856). The BPM is quite simple, as shown here:

The Conditions for Condition 0 are:

The AutoPrint is:

But, for some reason when we go and mark a Pack ID as shipped, we are getting the following error:

Description: Shipment Not Available ← Uhhh…what now? How is the shipment not available in a BPM that is triggered by a shipment?

Well, this would probably cause it…the PackNum being passed to the Report was ‘0’…

That explains the “why”…but now I need to figure out the “how”. (IE: what [or who] caused it).


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