BPM: Set territory & sales rep when creating quote from case entry

Hi guys,

We received a request from our customer service manager to set the sales rep and territory to the user who creates a quote from case entry (Actions > Create Quote Header). I did a trace with Jose’s cool Trace Parser, and see it’s calling the Erp.Proxy.BO.HelpDeskImpl.CreateQuote() method, so I started my BPM there.

I had planned on using the Set Field widget, but can’t find SalesRepCode or TerritoryID in the ttHDCaseQuote dataset. It is in the ttHDCase dataset, but setting them didn’t work on the quote - it still used our generic territory that all customers are assigned to. The BPM did fire, since I got the pop-up message.

Next steps? Thanks as always!


If you dont have fileds on the gadgets you will have to change your BPM to be custom code BPM so you can call the Db table for HDCase and bring the data from there.

@Alex - This is a bit over my head… I’ll table it until I learn more. Thanks for the input!