BPM throwing exception

I’m writing a simple BPM to cycle through a list of quotes. The BPM looks like this:

When I run this BPM, it throws an exception.

I’m sure this is something very obvious, but I’m not sure why it’s unhappy with what I’ve written…

Apparently I can join on a custom field, but I cannot reference the way I was
This works:

> you can do quote.UDField<DateTime>("ProdForDate_c");

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Did this change at some point? Or am I just out of touch? :wink:

I think it’s a situational thing. When a ds comes to a BPM, it is already linked with it’s UD’s and therefore aware of the structure (i am assuming thru some regen magic, etc). When you access a specific table using Db.Table, it is only the base table. At least Epicor was nice enough to provide that handy extension method!