BPM to automatically populate Reference Fields in Customer Shipm

Mine would be in E10
Hello all,I am trying to create a BPM to automatically populate "Reference 1" field in Customer Shipment Entry with a UD field from the OrderDtl table only if a UD checkbox field in the ShipTo table is checked (Customer Maintenance). The "Reference 1" field in Customer Shipment Entry is under the Manifest Info -> UPS tab. Attached is a screen shot. The reason why I'm doing this is because for certain blind ship customers they want the End customers PO# to show up in the UPS label in the Reference 1 field instead of our direct customer PO#. I have a UD checkbox field called "Blind Ship" located in the ShipTo tab in Customer Maintenance (ShipTo.checkbox05). I have a UD text field in Sales Order Entry in the lines tab called "Blind Ship Ref# (OrderDtl.shortchar02). So the logic I'm looking to add is the following:If the blind ship checkbox is checked then copy the Blind Ship Ref# to the Reference 1 field in in Customer Shipment Entry. Thanks,Dennis

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Did you get a response on this?  I'm looking to do something very similar and do not want to re ask the same question.

Is this for E9 or E10?