BPM to check clock-in time

We have 3 shifts. A, B, C - shift A starts at 7:00 am and we only want employees to clock in no earlier than 6:55 am. Shifts B and C can clock in anytime.

I wanted a BPM that would check the employee logging in and allow shifts B and C to login anytime BUT STOP shift A from clocking in before 6:55 am.

Anyone want to help me with the BPM design for this? If BPM is NOT the right way, please suggest!

Thank you in advance. Jill

I have not tested this. You might need to specify the date as well. Assuming the less than time only goes until 00:00

Data Directive
LaborHed Table

Please develop a BPM on EmpBasic.ClockIn BO/Method Pre-processing which should be straight forward.