BPM to Check Plant on new sales Order Line created from Opportunity

I have been trying to get a Method Directive to fire when checking a Product code on a SO Line created from a Opportunity/Quote Action.
Can you use a BPM on this Epicor “built-in” process to create a sales order?


If so, I cannot get the first condition to fire and am not sure if I am using the correct processing method. My ultimate goal is to check the first character on the OrdDet.ProdCode and set the OrderRel.Plant field if it is incorrect, meaning the person creating the SO from the Opportunity is currently in a different plant than what the Product Code dictates.

I have show messages after each condition and cannot get past first condition to fire .

Should I be using Pre-Processing Method Directive and checking the added or changed row?
Can you use a BPM on this internal process to create a sales order?

Are you using Erp.BO.Quote.CreateOrder, and not Erp.BO.Quote.CreateOrderFromQuote?