BPM to stop a new labor time record after Posted

I am trying to put into place a BPM that will stop a user from entering a new labor transaction once Posting has been done. If you select New time detail a warning displays and stops you from entering a new time detail. However, if you select new time first … you can still enter a new time detail. I did a trace and it is calling the method GetNewLaborHed1, and I am doing this as a Pre-Processing BPM, but it is not working. Any suggestions?
Thanks much!

I believe you want to stop user from entering more new labor time detail when the job has been posted via Capture COS / WIP?

Our company normally would Close the job to stop new labor entry.

I only have E10 to test on, the method I got in the trace is GetNewLaborDtlWithHdr when I press new button when I have a header.

The method I got for no header, it uses GetNewLaborDtlNoHdr. Hope someone with E9 can shed some light

You will need to place your logic on both of those Methods.