BPM Trigger Issues on PO Receipt

Hi everyone, In kinetic cloud I’m trying to set up an auto-print BPM that fires when a PO is received. After that, Bartender integration will pick up the .bt file and print a label.

The BPM does fire when I click the receive checkbox in line details below, but it only logs a server error in system monitor “No Records Selected”.

I need to be able to repeatedly set a PO as received->unreceived->received so I can test out the resulting .bt file and make changes to the report style/datadef. When I check ‘received’ in the gui, the active line item details in the gui need to get passed to the bpm, but so far it’s not picking up any record details:

What step might I be missing in the bpm? Any pointers would be very much appreciated!

Any particular reason you wrapped your true condition and sysmgmt in parenthesis?

Add msg box before and after your condition, like i got here before cond and i got here too after…

Only because BPM designer spits out a correlation error when no parens are used there. But even when I remove the second condition and keep just the first one with no parens, the bpm doesn’t pick up any data from the receipt tracker gui.

Can you not do an in transaction with your conditions and enable your standard if conditions met? You can specify it must come from xyz intrans data directive…

Thanks I will look into doing this!

I think you nailed the problem, the standard directive was the wrong one to start this bpm with.

Also there are some things available with in-trans directives that I could not see in the standard one (like message box). Plenty here for me to go on! Thanks again.

So I changed the bpm around and now it’s an in-trans that links to a standard directive. The bpm fires as it should and I get a msg box on true and false conditions. But even with an in-trans directive the server log just shows ‘no records selected’. This is the line detail section of ‘receipt tracker’ as in my screenshot above. The ‘received’ checkbox is what the bpm is firing on, when it is checked and saved, the bpm should fire (which it does) and then hand off to a standard directive which does the auto print using genrcpt report style. The details shown on the screen are the ones I want to pass off to a .bt file so bartender can pick it up.

So I’m back to square one again, using an in-trans first or using a standard directive produces the same ‘no records selected’.

Please show me a screenshot of your auto print parameters.

Surely! The standard directive is where I have the auto-print block:

I know the report parameters are incomplete, but I just want the bpm to output a bt file so I can see it first. The GenRcpt report style outputs a bt file to an azure file server mapped drive. That part of the report style will work, but it’s not getting that far because of ‘no records selected’.

What else is in that setup? You won’t have access to the same records in the standard directive.

The condition that links with the in-trans directive is all that’s in the standard directive

But it’s worth mentioning that I started this process a few days ago with only one standard directive and no in-trans directive at all, and the same ‘no records selected’ error was the result every time.

At the start, this condition block was the only one in a standard directive:

That condition has since been moved into an in-trans block.

Mine is broken now too. It’s not writing the file to the directory.

We do something similar in a Data Directive in JobHead. When they click Job Released we print labels via Bartender. However we don’t use the Auto-Print block in the BPM, we use Execute Custom Code.

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Yeah I’ve got something else going on, my DD isn’t even firing. Got another thread on it.

We have a similar setup on receiving using a standard directive only. I think you need to setup the report parameters so it knows what records to query for the report. Right now, it is receiving a blank PackSlip, PurPoint, etc. Screenshot of our parameters that are working for us:

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