Breaking/Routing for Take Docstar Attachment

Good evening y’all!

I’ve been bashing my head against the breaking/routing for Get DocStar Attachment on and off for a good two weeks now, and have finally resigned myself to the fact that I can’t figure this out on my own. Ha!

My company is in the ‘get ready for end to end testing’ phase of implementation and we are trying to set up the breaking/routing on our Job Traveler to grab Document Type PartDraw from the ECORev table where the part revisions are attached, so the Part Drawings will print with the Traveler. We had a single training session on how to do the breaking/routing part of this process and I thought I took some fabulous notes, but they’re apparently not good enough to get me through doing this on my own.

So, here’s to hoping that someone out there is a saint and takes pity on my plight.

To get started, I built the breaking/routing as simply as I possibly could to make sure it was working.

Inside I’ve got what I’d like to think are the absolute basics:

NOTE: I’ve tried that last one with partnum and revnum populated. Still didn’t get the drawings to pull.

After that, I tested a Job Traveler. No documents pulled. I’ve made sure that I’ve got the correct document types attached to the ECORev for the part that is being made on my job. So, it occured to me that I need to add the ECORev table to my RDD.

I’ve now added the ECORev to my RDD, joining it on JobHead since that made the most sense to me.

I can’t figure out what I’m missing here. I know Docstar is synced up all nicely since we are able to push documents to Docstar through Epicor and during our training session the Docstar rep was able to set up the PO so it would grab part drawings from the Part record.

Any advice, suggestions or magical solutions would be greatly appreciated!

Do you fill key values above. Each field mast be filled.

The table should be PartRev and not ECORev. Once a revision is approved and checked in it resides in the PartRev table.

Vinay Kamboj

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It’s working! Thank you Olga! I can’t believe I didn’t populate all of them. I did Part, and Rev, and GroupId In different combinations, but never all 4 of them. Time to update my notes to say ‘fill in all key fields like a boss’.

I really appreciate it!!!

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