BUG - Phantom Operations in wrong order (Top of BOM)

@utaylor, @jdewitt6029 - I’m starting a new thread here for clarity sake, regarding the issue we brought up part way through this thread - here is the quote (ignore the title):

I got this response from Epicor support yesterday regarding the issue:

Thank you for your time given to this case. I wanted to update you and let you know that we have a response back from our Development team. The reported problem will be corrected in 10.2.400.18, so as soon as it is available you can go ahead and download it and the problem should be gone.

Based on the information provided, I will set the ticket Case under Suggested Resolution pending your verification. If all good, please do not hesitate to Close this Case. If you encounter any further issues, feel free to put a comment in this Case so it will get re-activated.

They created an Open Problem PRB0217063 to track the issue.

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Thanks @Noffie! You’re the man!