Howdy folks,

We’ve been on Kinetic Cloud since the path from 10.2. All that time this issue below hasn’t been an issue.

Recently we’re getting a popup error when an employee (who has complete privileges to Customer Maintenance) will get an access denied error popup dialog when attempting to change something (like the ship via field).


Nothing has changed from a User Security standpoint for these users who have been successfully using Customer Maintenance all this time.

After contacting support, and many sessions of them trying to debug, we were told that we need to some craziness now to get this to work:

  1. Copy the Service Security Maintenance menu node to elsewhere in our tree (we’re cloud so it’s not editable by default) and reapply Security to it so it can be used.
  2. Find the business object “BO.Customer” and load it.
  3. Drill down into all the methods within and locate the method “CheckCreditHold” in BO.Customer related to the popup error.
  4. Manually give Allow access to individual users to this method.

??? really?!

So while this works, it is now a real pain and it sure seems like a hacky way to fix a root issue that was working fine all this time. How many other method calls in the object (or elsewhere) are going to be discovered as similarly broke??

Seems like something core is messed… Anyone else experiencing this or have any thoughts?

Did support have you check out territories and the users Work Force record to see that they either have access to all territories or the same territory as the customer?

Also, I–even as Security Manager–had what seemed like an abrupt change recently where I could no longer access Customers. Ended up discovering it was because I had added myself as an authorized user on someone’s Work Force, but had not setup the default authorized user on my own record.

Well @d_inman, thanks for the info. but I’m reporting that we gave this a try and messed around with Workforce user records, but it didn’t fix the problem unfortunately; after ever iteration of a test we had to revert to using this hacky Security Maintenance method. :confused:

To me this seems like a new bug. Why would someone with access to Customer Maintenance not be able to see a simple popup without also having this special permissions additive?