Build/Split/Merge PCID screen from MES

Hey experts,

I may be losing my mind but I can’t seem to get the buttons to activate on the Package Control tab except for PCID Parent Child Tracker and VOID PCID and Label. There are 7 other buttons but no matter what I do they stay grey.

Also, does anyone know if Build/Split/Merge PCID is buried in one of these buttons (since Epicor LOVES to keep names consistent between the main menu and MES buttons :roll_eyes:)

Hi John,

I do see the Build/Split/Merge on the Supervisor tab of MES.

We are planning to put this on the shop floor also. I need to figure out the PCID employee controls also.

I have access to everything, but I have all the tabs activated for my employee.


Thanks. I did find that just a couple of days ago. I guess I have to play with the security to allow the button to be available for material handlers - where is the logic in hiding that button where the standard security doesn’t give access to the people that will be most likely to use it!!