Bulk Update Field

We’re using Vista 8.03 and we want to start using a open Character field. Is there a way to bulk update this field for all records in our DB using a .csv? I’m aware of DMT but do not have that tool. I know other spots in the system you can do a Paste Insert but not looking like I can do that here. Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated!

@mmccl267 If 8 has updateable BAQs then that would be a way to this with a paste update.

Any pointers on how those work? I’ve made BAQs but only for reports. Not sure how to make one that’s updatable.

I would get the ice tools guide for your version. I started in 9 so I don’t know anything about 8.

Make a normal BAQ, check updatable on general and then check updateable on the field you are going to update, analyze and test.