Buy To Order / Time Phase / On Hand Qty

Is anyone out there doing much But To Order for Qty Bearing/Stock parts? The problem we are having is that when we receive the PO that is linked to the Sales Order, the parts go into stock and shows up in Time Phase and Part Tracker as On-Hand. So if someone in Sales is looking to see if this particular part is on hand, they may think it is available to sell even though it is supposed to be specifically for another Sales Order. Also, the Sales Order shows up in Time Phase, but it does not decrement the available qty because it is flagged as direct.

Do we need Advanced Material Management and use Cross Docking? I don’t want someone telling a customer that we have it on hand and can ship it when we really can’t.

Thank you!

We address it by only using BTO for not inventoried items.

Besides the time phase, QOH and allocation issues you mentioned, our Accounting Dept made us setup BTO parts to go to a specific GL account upon receipt. Normally they hit the Inventory account. But then the SSR wouldn’t match the Inv GL, because the GL would include items that don’t show on the SSR.

If a normally inventoried part was received for a BTO line on a PO, it show on SSR, but wouldn’t be included in the Inv GL (because the BTO items automatically go to a different GL)

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Looks like I am not alone with this. We do have AMM and I still have this problem.

I am so depressed about this. I got the impression that when a PO is linked to an order (not drop ship, though), that the parts and costs do not hit inventory. But that is not true. It goes into inventory like any other PO receipt.

I thought this because Time Phase says so:

My test (same results)

I set up two BTO releases on the sales order and two corresponding PO lines. I did one receipt and it added 5 to on-hand (was 8; now 13).

But the accompanying sales order is not taking away the 5 in Time Phase. It just goes from 13 OH to 13 OH. Similarly, the other, future PO line is showing as not hitting OH either.

I guess drop-ship is the only way to do this. We’d just have to “ship” them as soon as they arrive.

What is the point of marking a qty-bearing part as BTO on an order release?

If you try to make a BTO PO Line, it reverts from Buy for “Other to Inventory”

FWIW - I created a Part Class for BTO parts so I could use a GLControl to have it use an account separate from our regular inventory. Then a BPM on the PO to automatically set the Part Class to the one for BTO Parts. Then when received, it hits the “BTO inventory” instead of our “Raw Mtl Inventory”

To hide it.

There’s an ongoing project at our other site, and they want to hide the inventory that is/will be set aside for it. They don’t want to think it’s available and then sell a different customer those same parts.

Well I’ll be. You can change the class on an inventoried item (qty-bearing). I was sure you couldn’t because I’ve tested this. It’s disabled when you save. But I refresh the screen and it opens up again. I cannot believe this. This is such a bad day for me. OK, but won’t it still pull from the normal account when you ship it?

But…it sill adds to the OH quantity, which is the original goal to prevent.

you are correct. You can’t.

We don’t use BTO on inventoried parts so that was for truly OTF parts.

As for “hiding” it, the PO still sets the type to Buy to Inventory. When it’s like that, a PUR-STK still happens? And the Receipt does not affect QOH? re-read you last line

Yep. Here’s a slideshow. Testing Buy-to-Order.pptx (635.8 KB)

No, no, you can! I just tried it and ran the Inv-WIP recon report and it went to a different account based on the new class!

[edit] And I thought it was just the BTO line, but you can do that on any kind of line.

So marking a Qty Bearing part on an Order as BTO really does nothing?

  • During PO creation:
    • the Buy For is forced to “Inventory”
    • the trantype is staged as PUR-STK
  • Upon receipt:
    • The Inventory GL still gets hit (assuming the part wasn’t already setup to use a GLC)
    • The QOH is increased

The only thing it does it mess up Time Phase Inquiry

Yup. I put in a ticket.

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I know in previous versions this worked exactly as you described, I just checked with a 10.0 client and it works as we would expect.
I wonder if the way cross docking works has changed and there is now a configuration of some sort.

Well that is reassuring, oddly enough. I’m not crazy to want BTO to work.