Buyers Workbench - Add Print\PDF to Grid

On the Buyers-Workbench there are grids that our buyers would like to possibly print or export to PDF but I am not seeing any option to do so.

Is there any way to do this? Ideally without having to replace it with a dashboard or use the “Copy to Excel”.

I’m going out on a limb, but if you don’t want to customize a form, you don’t want to export it to excel, and there is no native print button, you are out of luck. The easiest solution is to copy to excel and print from there.

If I were to customize the form to print the grid how would I go about it? I tried a few examples of adding the print button but had no success.

I am not sure of the exact process, but this might get you started.

First, I would setup a separate BAQ Report that returns the values that I am interested in. Getting the BAQ report to auto-filter based on the records you have selected in Buyer Workbench may be another challenge.

Next, use something like the code in the link to print the BAQ Report. You will have to add a customization to the Buyer Workbench, and insert a button to trigger the print.

Honestly, unless there is a really strong business reason to not open with Excel, I would use that route. It is straight forward, and not as prone to future bugs as Epicor flushes its perfectly fine ERP for this crazy broken Kinetic nonsense.

Okay, I may try to add it just for practice purposes but inform the users to just copy to excel. I appreciate your walkthrough on how to get it added! Since I am new to Epicor, I am still learning what customizations to avoid due to potentially future bugs.