Calculated field don't work as filter on a dasboard tracker


We use Epicor 9.05. I create BAQ with calculated field (ture/false). I create a dasboard where I add the calculated field as a tracker prompt filter. When I test the dasboard in the dasboard editor the filter work, but if I test it as a deployment or if I only deploy it the filter won’t work?

I try to make a different BAQ with a different calculated field in a new dashboard the same behaviour occur.

Is an Epicor bug???

Thank you for your help.

Although calculated fields aren’t available on the queries in dashboards you can set filters using calculated fields with grid properties.

Rather than using the tracker control you can add two grids, one that filters true and one that filters false…

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Thank you

I don’t want a permanent filter, I want the user choose with a check box. Look the below image, the first one work because I’m in the dashboard editor. But in the second I’m in the deployed dashboard and the tracker filter won’t apply.


Sorry, I completing missed you are working with a deployed dashboard, most of ours are runtime.