Call UD adapter with where clause


Can someone help me with script, I need to get UD table record where CheckBox01 == false
UD would contain for example PartNum 123 in many rows, but there always would be only one row where CheckBox == false, so I need to get this line for editing and setting CheckBox01 == true.
At the moment I have this, but how to filter rows by checkbox01?

private void CallUD3AdapterGetByIDMethod(string Key1, string Key2, string Key3)
			// Declare and Initialize EpiDataView Variables
			// Declare and create an instance of the Adapter.
			UD03Adapter adapterUD03 = new UD03Adapter(this.oTrans);

			// Declare and Initialize Variables
			// TODO: You may need to replace the default initialization with valid values as required for the BL method call.

			// Call Adapter method

		adapterUD03.GetByID(Key1, Key2, Key3, "", "");
		//DataRow dr = adapterUD02.UD02Data.UD02.Rows[0]["Character01"].ToString();
		DataRow dr = adapterUD03.UD03Data.UD03.Rows[0];
			dr["CheckBox01"] = true;
			dr["Number01"] = rOnHand;
			dr["Number02"] = tNewQty;
			dr["Date01"] = DateTime.Today;
			dr["RowMod"] = "U";
 		bool resultUpdate = adapterUD03.Update();

			// Cleanup Adapter Reference

		} catch (System.Exception ex)

Did you look at this? Might help you out.

or here.

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GetByID doesnt seem to be the right call for this.

You need to call GetRows or GetList with a proper where clause (ala CheckBox01 = true).

Then you get your resulting data, modify it, then call adapter.Update()

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